All natural homemade treats you can feel good about giving your dog 🐾

Custom Biscuits

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bones can be customized with your pup's name!

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Bones

Bare Bones

Violet's biscuits are bare bones. That means no added sugar, salt, artificial colours or preservatives. They're made with just a few, simple ingredients.

All natural dog biscuits
oats pumpkin all natural peanut butter

Healthy Ingredients

We developed our recipes to avoid the most common allergies that dogs tend to have. None of our biscuits have wheat, soy, corn or dairy. There are also vegan options and all of our biscuits are gluten free.

Puppy Picnic

Violet and Clover, the official taste testers, enjoying some biscuits in the sun. 🌞

Happy customers

Sample tester (Bowie's mom)

"Thank you so much for these amazing treats! Bowie devoured them, and we will definitely be purchasing!!!!"

Diesel and Rocco's mom, Tiffany

"My boys RAN to their crate this morning for their cookies. I’ve never seen them so excited to run into their crate."

Sample Tester

"I use treats for training purposes, it's great that they break up into small pieces easily without crumbling."